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Welcome to the New York, Paris and Barcelona of Europe, all in one. Splendid architecture, romantic gardens, grand avenues, decadent food, emerging arts and of course, beautiful people. This is Buenos Aires.  Five way to experience it.

Jardin Escondido
Located in Palermo Soho, one of the liveliest districts in Buenos Aires, you’ll find a tranquil, secret garden. This is also the sanctuary of famous writer Francis Ford Coppola. You may find him in this retreat, writing away and enjoying the wines of Argentina. Jardin Escondido caters to families, couples or singles, and no request is too extreme. Rain or shine, this place will have you feeling like a local at home, with an on-site wine library, coffee maker, collection of classic films, heated pool, outdoor kitchen and parrilla for BBQs and a terrace of green paradise. Outside the oasis, the bars, boutiques, cafes, bistros and culture all await.

The Clubhouse
No address is provided so you’ll have to ask around or know a local in order get into this private social club. This well designed, classy house is in the middle of chic Palermo Soho and features a lush garden, courtyard and outdoor pool, perfect for spring-summer festivities like only the portenos know.

Basílica de Nuestra Señora de la Merced
Although this place is adjacent to a convent that belongs to the Order of Merced, lunch in this Bascilia is anything but ordinary. This order arrived in Argentina in the 16th century and was later expelled; the site survived and was declared a national historic monument. In the courtyard small restaurants offer a unique vibe, different from anything else you’ll find in town. In suits and elegant attire, business people retreat to the Basilica for an Argentine lunch: recommended alongside your wine are the tallerines, a type of local pasta.

Espacio Cul de Sac
This little shop started small but had great designs from the get-go. The leather bags, clutches and accessories are all made in Argentina with handcrafted details. Undeniably chic, Cul de Sac puts together the season’s top looks making them a classic to carry you from season to season. Their sales shouldn’t be missed.

El Obrero
El Obrero is a historic place where images of legendary soccer players on the walls meet equally legendary food on the plates. Located in La Boca, an off-the-beaten track district of central Buenos Aires, this place is big on generous servings and delicious steaks, a must-experience. By day, La Boca is hippy and arts infused and El Obrera is a great stop for lunch; by dusk, things get more interesting but also a bit sketchy so best to arrive by taxi.

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