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In 2013, Conde Nast named San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, the world’s number one city to visit. It is a unique artist village north of Mexico City, one that is filled with culture, art, culinary experiences and past-the-hour memories. Change the itinerary and leave the millions to head to the shores of the Riviera Maya and Tikal; this is one destination that should not be missed.

Hotel Matilda
Stay at this minimal 5* hotel – its young and hip vibe are everything a Mexican vacation should be. The infinity edge pool promises infinite happiness. Rooms are spacious and designed in soothing, earth tones. Once the sun sets, grab a seat at the hotel’s hip bar, which serves up the best mescal and tequila drinks – try the Casa Dragones. DJ is in the house on Wednesday.

El Jardin
In the heart of the city lies El Jardin, a garden plaza rich in greenery and an all-day social hub where you’ll find some of San Miguel’s best cafes and the most important colonial architecture. It’s also where the locals usually meet up for live music, street burgers and beers. In a typical Hispanic style, and with all the benches, this is by default the city’s gossip area. A short walk from there you’ll find the great rooftop and artist bars.

Hotel Rosewood
This colonial style hotel is the oldest luxury hotel in town, located within the UNESCO world heritage site at the heart of San Miguel. You’re bound to fall in love with the breathtaking natural beauty of the Guanajuato region. The elegant and tailored rooms maintain the same architectural style. A visit to the rooftop bar and restaurant promises splendid views of the city.

The Restaurant
This is the go-to restaurant in San Miguel. Chef Donnie Masterton is highly experienced and his cuisine is known for its consistent quality and excellence. The way this place mixes fusion food with Mexican tradition is nothing short of wow. The design has a typical hacienda style to it, giving off a welcoming and warm environment. In between meals, sneak a peek at the adjacent concept store with furniture and jewelry.

La Azotea
For the young and hip at heart, this is the best rooftop bar in San Miguel. You just won’t get enough of the amazing sunsets again the Guanajuato Mountains, or sunrise, depending how many drinks you’ll last and how much of a night butterfly you are. If you’ve got only one free night to explore, this place is a must. Order tequila like a local by saying “el tequila”. “La tequila” is so touristy.

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