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Watches serve to tell us the time – simple, right? A closer look reveals that it’s more complicated than that. Historically, watches have been associated as a distinct luxury of a man’s world. With the shift in roles both at home and at work, women are on-the-go are looking for more than just a ‘time teller’.

A response from leading watchmakers has arrived: mechanical complications for ladies, a feature that increases a watch’s accuracy and capabilities. But again, it’s more complicated than that.

Jaeger-LeCoultre – Reverso Duo
The Reverso Duo is a flip over watch with dual dials that display two different time zones, so for instance, the local time at home and the current location. Functionality here is a key feature and the technical aspects are impressive, as both dials are controlled by the same mechanical movement. It’s the sophistication that women appreciate. To a lady in transit, timing can be everything.

Van Cleef & Arpels – Poetic Complications™
“Poetic Complications” features sophisticated mechanical movement and storytelling, Poetry in Time™. The collection of jeweled watches tell a story, such as two lovers on a bridge at midnight, one of our ‘happiest hours in life’. The Retrogade Movement, powered by Jaeger LeCoultre 846, is one of four complications in the series; the dials trace an arc in the story, before returning to their initial position, and begin again. This dance is original and captivating. So while you’re living you’re life you can also stop to relive a sweet story.

Chanel – Première Turbillon Camellian
The watchmakers and engineers at Chanel have designed the Première Flying Tourbillon Camellia where there are two shows happening at once: the time telling function and the impressive tourbillon movement ‘dressed’ as a stylized camellia adorned in gold and diamonds – lots of them. It may be true that men buy for mechanism, there is also the beauty of the mechanism and that’s what women have tapped into.

Chaumet – Catch Me…If You Love Me
Designers at Chaumet too believe women are looking for poetry alongside high technical performance – meaning a story behind the timepiece embraced on their wrist. The “Catch Me..If You Love Me” collection features a spider and a bee adorned in pink and white gold, spinning in a mother-of-pearl coated web that displays the hour mark. The message? The creative, poetic and playful game of seduction. Where does it get complicated? Chaumet Exclusive Caliber CP12V-XII features Swiss mechanical self-winding movement letting you ‘revisit’ time with indexes that move on trajectories of distinct Chaumet shapes.

Seven Friday – P1-2 Series
Perhaps for the less romantic and more pragmatic, Seven Friday’s P1-2 Series collection is Swiss-designed with Japanese mechanical movement and features a Maurice Lacroix moon-phase watch. Despite the relatively rugged design, the moon phase is a discreet, personal story. The planet may be far, but its moods may help to guide aesthetic and biological motivations. Complicated, but inherent, and that’s probably why they appeal to women so much. The open balance wheel runs on Miyota 82S7 movement and a special minute hand that functions as an extended arm of the mechanical movement Special discs provide 24H indication for a most animated life so you can follow the phases of your life.

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