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Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced skier, the process of selecting the perfect ski boot boils down to the search for three key features: comfort, functionality and as flexibility. The 2014-15 ski season is already here and now is the time to gear up.

Dynafit TLT Mountain
The TF-X ski boot was designed to make sure you work less (or not at all) and play hard. The key feature here is lightweight and at high-altitude tours in the mountains, this boot is the one to wear. Internal thermal liners ensure maximum comfort on the slopes and a deep-freeze protection. Transition from skiing to walking simply and securely with ultra-lock cuff buckles.

Salomon Quest
This series focuses on customization and performance so you can enjoy the mountain activities all day, every day. The Quest is the brand’s best-selling ladies boot owing to its accommodating fit – lower cuffs work in sync with ladies anatomy – and the flexible wool liner to ensure comfort and warmth.  Suitable for all mountain activities and smooth transition to ‘walk mode’.

Atomic Waymaker 80
Skiers with wider feet will appreciate the design of these boots, providing all day comfort and flexibility. Three-buckle lock makes it easy adjust, wear and remove. This is an ideal shoe for light skiers and those at intermediate level thanks to an 80 flex rating. Cuff mobility makes it easy to embark on short tours or brief walks.

Tecnica Cochise Pro W
This high performance boot is designed for high-altitude skiing. The walk-tour mode is enabled with alpine soles interchangeable with tech binding soles. Cochise Pro W features a powerstrap mode, designed to add mobility when touring. The internal liner keeps the heat inside and is paired up with a women’s specific anatomic mold just like a custom fit.

K2 Minaret 80
The FitLogix™ design makes this a supreme comfort boot, ideal for new skiers. The Intuition® CushFit liner is so comfortable, designers say you’ll spend an entire day on the slopes and transition to evening drinks and dancing without realizing you’re still in ski boots.  K2 features a relaxed instep and toe box, designed to match wider foot curves for precision fit.

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