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It’s amazing what a carefully selected tablecloth can do to the look and feel of a room, whether you’re hosting or simply living your family’s daily routine. We suggest: skip the solids usually used to protect or cover age-related imperfections, tablecloths are a real conversation piece; here are some we love.

Flower Power
Vivid flowers will brighten up any room, even if sunlight is limited. This print will go the extra mile and make any culinary gathering a welcoming experience. Frog Hill Designs really understands this; the touches of fuchsia, aquamarine and emerald green are reminiscent of a romantic garden and work really well when hosting casual breakfast or a festive brunch.

The Missoni Home collection is always sophisticated. Time and again, the designs never fall short of creativity and there’s something for every mood. The color play and geometric patterns are at center stage, without over doing it. Each pattern is meticulously designed using the finest quality fabrics of silk and cotton.

Black & White
You can never wrong with this print, ideal for everyday or hosting dinners. Black and white is sophisticated and works great with one extra color, always a solid. Frette’s collection is elegant, ethnic and super chic.

Perfect for a weekend home in the mountains or winter by the seaside, the country motif is warm, elegant and entertaining with traditional scenes of harvest, country life and community. The print makes an interesting match with modern elements for chic dinners and is a great, everyday accessory to upgrade home décor.

Jacquard Chic
Le Jacquard Francais has created some dining textiles that feature exotic motifs, flowers and ottoman themes that render French style synonymous with sophisticated décor. In touch with modernity, the graphic opulence is well structured with the contrasting, yet complementing, colors. Luminous red meets violet, charcoal grey contrasts milky white in a poppy grenade theme.

No matter what the décor theme, ethnic prints add that extra touch of modernity, warmth and timeless style. Brands like Kim Seybert and One Kings Lane offers some great ethnic touches like the Simba table runner and the Casablanca tablecloth. The featured geometric patterns add depth  and work well with solid dinnerware.

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