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We love our best friends so much and we know them inside out, but somehow, choosing the right gift can be mind blowing. Add these ideas to your gift list. They speak the language of friendship, appreciation, giving and connecting to everything she loves.

Bond #9
The NYC fragrance house put together this sweet package to make sure you stay friends forever and she’ll always remember you oh-so-sweetly. The five pack comes in a lovely box and includes Bond’s signature scents such as New York Fling, The Scent of Peace and Gramercy Park.

Cheeky Service
Fornasetti does it right every time. And is there anything better than an Italian kiss? The rich red lips will light up a smile every time.  It’s one of those pieces that you can use to serve candy, keep your keys by the door or use it for jewellery in the bedroom.

Always Connected
Make sure she never runs late or out of battery (texting you). This smart case will make sure she stays charged and connected on-the-go. Mophie made it to the Top 10 gadgets for 2014 which means high-tech and high style come together. Available in seven colors.

Juicy Details
If style is really all in the details, your bestie will love this Danish designer’s gold-plated shoelace piece. It’s handcrafted by Vibe Harsløf and clips onto shoe laces for a super edgy and stylish look. Works great on sneakers too.

Reruns Forever
This one simply never goes out of a style. It’s classic. From the clothes to the stories to the NY experience, Sex and the City is a never-ending bonding experience between BFFs to be enjoyed every season, sipping hot chocolate or Cosmopolitans.

Jog for Joy
If she loves her morning runs and evening sprints, she will love this creative beanie hat that won’t just keep her warm but will also make sure music plays on and on. This smart hat is waterproof to keep her going in the room and has built-in Bluetooth headphones so she can enjoy her music and accept calls.

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