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Light up your home with candles, sparkle and color, while the kitchen fills the home with the aromas of heavenly baked cookies and challah bread. Everyone will be dancing during this beautiful festival of lights.

Menorah  Couture
Here’s a quick way to make your own couture menorah for this year’s Hannukah celebrations. Assemble eight, small glass cups and one slightly taller vessel to place in the middle for the shamash candle. You can decorate the cups by circling glue along the rim and dust with sprinkles. Purchase a bag of small blue aquarium-style stones or pebbles, and nine tall candles. Fill the vessels halfway with stones and anchor the candles in between to ensure they stand straight. Line them up along the window, at the center of a table or by the mantelpiece.

Baking Crafts
Working with our hands is an overlooked and under-appreciated skill, especially in the presence of smartphones that children seem to navigate intuitively. Connect them to the handmade art and tradition by baking together. They will love baking cookies and making challah, designed in the shapes of dreidels and menorahs. Top with frosting, chocolate or rainbow sprinkles.

Home Décor
Head to the local craft store and pick up some plain white fabric to use as a runner, a set of stencils, construction paper, markers, and paint. You can use the stencils, gold paint and the white fabric to create your own festive, table runner. Use felt or construction to cut out dreidel shapes and sprinkle-dusted stars and hang them in the window or along the banister. You can even take a wreath of wood or faux-cypress branches and decorate it with blue, white and gold ribbon.

Gifts & Cards
Just like Christmas stockings, you can use mesh or velvet sachets for gifts, numbering each for the eight days of Hannukah. Decorate using glitter, cut out numbers or stencils and paint. Here’s a cute way to create your own gift card: outline the hand on thick paper and trace the fingers, placing one thumb on the other, so you have nine in total. You can use a pencil or, even more fun, dip your child’s hand in paint and have them imprint their hand on the paper. Top the ‘candles’ with a flame using gold paint or yellow cut outs.

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