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It is said that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach – meaning, feed him well – but what if there was another way? What if you could use all five senses to get there? Sound like a challenge? Thanks to these magical concoctions, it may be much easier than you thought possible.

Vetiver Geranium by Creed
If you haven’t yet come across this family-bred perfume house, this is the perfect time. Once appointed by all the royals in Europe and secretly worn by the world’s famous stars, from fashion to sports and cinema, Creed produces exceptional fragrances for men and women. Vetiver Geranium is GQ’s Grooming award winner. Base notes of amber and cedar are infused with lemon, rose, Bergamot and Granny smith apple.

Artisan by John Varvatos
Varvatos knows the value of traditional craftsmanship and in an effort to incorporate this art to his new perfume, he designed the handwoven rattan.  Inside is a pleasant surprise with winter orange essence from Mexico and hints of Spanish marjoram. Perfect for a man who loves the outdoors.

Honey Oud by Floris
The London based parfumeur has been creating signature scents since 1730. This scent fills the air with English honey and vanilla, blended with oud oil derived from sustainable agarwood, and rose essence. The result is a complex Eau de Parfum that is deep, sensual and sophisticated.

J’ai Fait un Rêve by Majda Bekkali
Art meets the senses in these exceptionally designed bottles, commissioned by hand selected sculptors. Bekkali creates emotional, powerful scents for both sexes, encouraging a true sensory experience. J’ai Fait un Rêve (I have a dream) is a unique fragrance that combines saffron and pink pepper with cedarwood and cashmere. Enchanting.

No. 1 by Clive Christian
If you’re looking to break the record, Clive Christian is the way to go.  This is the world’s most expensive perfume, but it is also the best in class. Created using the most unique and rare ingredients to create a rich and concentrated scent, No. 1 will make him feel like No. 1 – that’s certified.

Eau Radieuse by Humiecki & Graef
Eau Radieuse is a fragrance about desire. Just like a first kiss, it leaves a tingling effect on the skin and deep within. How do they do it? The combination of fresh banana skin essence, mandarin, Italian lemon, peppermint leaves, rhubarb juice and hints of bamboo juice. Just like that, magic.

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