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If your New Year’s resolutions include eating healthy at home, here are some great recipes for weekend breakfast that kids – and adults – will love. There’s nothing better than bringing home fresh produce from the local market and putting together these morning masterpieces:

Bagels with cream cheese and fresh, sliced strawberries
Kids will love this sandwich for the color and flavor. If you love berries, you can make a homemade berry cream cheese with fresh fruit from the market – strawberries, raspberries or blueberries are the perfect kind.

Yogi Morning Salad
Chop up their favorite fruit in a rainbow of colors and serve on a bowl of fresh, goat’s cheese yogurt. For added sweetness, top with honey or date syrup.

Cottage Style
The more color, the better! Finely chop fresh cucumbers, yellow bell peppers, tomatoes and carrots, slightly seasoning them with lemon and olive oil. Served with cottage cheese, this bowl is packed with everything good: vitamin D, antioxidants and fiber.

Mexican Fiesta
How can you make a classic omlette more exciting? Make is a fiesta, full of color! Finely chop cherry tomatoes that are naturally sweet, and some fresh parsley leaves. After a few minutes in a pan, you can slip the dish into the oven to give the omlette some crispiness around the top and edges. Place three slices of irresistible Swiss Emmental cheese on top.

Banana-Berry Pancakes
Using whole wheat flour, you can prepare some delicious pancakes at home. Just add some milk and you’re set to go. No oil or eggs necessary. Top with sliced bananas, blueberries and honey.

Oatmeal Patties
Batter up some oatmeal with coconut, soft cheese and honey for these homemade oatmeal patties. What’s great about this is you can have it for lunch and a snack, served alongside a fruit salad or some sliced vegetables.

Little Benny
Kids will love this version of Eggs Benedict. Take a whole wheat English muffin or two slices of toasted sourdough bread and spread some cream cheese or fresh goat’s cheese. Add a slice of salmon on each slice and top with two eggs, sunny-side up. Use a curly razor to slice some cucumbers and carrots on the side.

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