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When the autumn leaves fall, the best blends come to be brewed. Fresh seasonal fruits are a great way to warm up and embrace the changing season. Whether you need a light detox, a soothing tea, mood booster or sweet embrace, these teas live up to the experience.

The Lapsang Souchong blend is a classic for lovers of smoked tea. The brewers recommend it as an accompaniment for savoury dishes. However you choose to use it, it’s a classic in the kitchen and a heart warmer on cool nights.

Mariage Frères
Part of the “Very” collection, this new fruit tea is an herbal basket of autumn fruits (pear, green apple and citurs) and flowers, including a French Classic, the marrons glacés (sweetened chestnuts). “Very” is a zesty and fresh blend that can be enjoyed hot or cold.

Kusmi Tea
Sweet Love is soft and sensory and perfect for relaxing. The unique blend brings together licorice, pink peppercorn, guarana and a blend of spices that create a naturally sweet taste. The resulting aroma will fill your space with sweet love.

The Elixir Box includes 15 flower infusions, individually wrapped in special paper. Each elixir is full or aroma, essence, surprise, mystique, comfort and sweetness. This creative concoction includes jasmine, fleur de Lys, and Roselle flowers, each intended to sooth, seduce and stimulate.

Camellia Sinensis
Le Rouge et Le Noir is a tea that promises the coveted experience of nconditional love. This blend is an intense mix of ‘blood orange’ essence and rich black tea. Brewed using real citrus peels and fresh orange blossoms, this tea is delightful and warm.

Mightly Leaf
Chai is a beloved classic that has found its way from the streets of Bombay to every market, hotel and tea room across the globe. Bombay Chai is an ethnic melange of pepper, cinnamon, cardamom, and cloves. Just add milk for a cozy, aromatic experience.

This herbal tea blends in lavender to soothe while citrus and sage contrast to refresh. The tasting notes in this blend include sea buckthorn, pineapple, apples and orange.

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