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You’ll be amazed by the power of mediation. Just ten minutes every day, morning or night, will help to keep you focused, aligned and composed for everyday life. Meditation is particularly effective in times of stress and discomfort. Sometimes a soothing voice, inspiring music and a quiet space are all you need to transform your day. The ability to tap into that inner thread that keeps it together is always a good skill and everyday is a chance to learn something new. Look for classes that are close to home or the office. If neither are available, you can find plenty of free resources available online. So if you’re in transit, waiting in line, at the doctor’s office – anywhere – plug in your headphones and switch your frequency to something so much better.

Writing things down is a great way to remember tasks and important events, record your ideas, assign To-Dos and anything else that may slip your mind during the week. View these as short-term goals; it will be easier for your complete and achieve your objectives. It will also help to improve your memory in the long-run. You’ll find that you can accomplish much more when you use a short list to guide yourself to prioritize and organize your life. And when you’ll look back at that little notepad, you’ll be amazed at how much you accomplished.

The simplest of deeds performed on a daily basis can transform your day, your life and your energy. Assist an elderly person to cross the street or pack their items in a shopping bag. Dedicate 30 minutes to helping a friend with a task. Donate whatever you can to a cause you believe in. If you are experienced in a certain field, find out how you can help communities in need, whether it’s culture, education, archaeology, economics or agricultural.

Invest in yourself
There’s always room to improve ourselves and become even better versions of ourselves that we thought possible. Being better and happier for ourselves will allow us to make the people we love happy, naturally. Just by being. Our capacity has no limits. If there’s something you’d like to pursue, go for it. Take piano lessons, a cooking class, join an outdoor yoga class.  When you invest in yourself and nourish yourself from the inside, it’s easier to nurture your relationships.

Disable all mobile data, shut it off and connect with people. They can be your children, family, friends or yourself. The important thing is to disconnect. Temporarily suspend accounts if you need to, even for one month, and see how things change. We are connected to information via social networks and apps that we tend to forget people’s voices, their smiles and the face-to-face experience. Make a commitment to invest in personal contact and communication.

At the end of the day, we don’t live on this planet alone. There is a great big world out there so whether you love the outdoors or underworld, get out there and explore it all. Lose yourself in the wilderness at least once a month. Pack a small picnic and head out with friends, children and family to the forests, mountains, valleys or the rustic seascapes. Or plan a short diving trip or go wild water rafting. The experience of engaging with nature is irreplaceable. You’ll come back with an invigorating sense of energy and motivation.

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