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Spiced wine (mulled wine) is a real winter delicacy. Nothing is better than this enchanting aroma that fills the home with warmth, so light some candles, get inspired and enjoy. Here are some classic and innovative ways to prepare mulled wine at home. They’re sure to upgrade the hospitality experience.

This is one of the season’s most popular spices, used in everything from soups to stews, and is extremely savory and aromatic.

The classic herb is perfect alongside winter wine recipes try it with cinnamon

Comes from the mint family and adds a fresh aroma, an excellent contrast with bay leaves.

A great spice known for warm, sweet and aromatic taste, perfect for pumpkin pie and pea soups.

Bay leaf
An aromatic plant with a distinct flavor and fragrance, ideal for slow-cooking soups, stews and pates since flavor develops over time. Brew with wine for some time to add depth and rich taste.

Fresh or ground powder, ginger is a must-have in every kitchen. It will add zest to your spiced wine and is commonly used in Asian kitchens. Contrast with fresh peach wedges.

The perfect touch for sweet and savory flavors and an ideal addition to any wine, anytime. Try it with diced apples of your choice.

In Arabic, Anis means companion or close friend. Keep this flower-shaped spice in stock and close-by when preparing your winter wine recipes. It’s perfect with fresh orange slices too.

An aromatic spice that comes from the ginger family and originates in the kitchens of South India and Indonesia. The warm, spicy-sweet flavor making it an ideal partner for that spiced wine.

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