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The name is derived from the Gaelic, “water of life”, and is believed to have been first distilled in Italy in the 13th century. Italians may have been the first distillers but today they are actually the biggest consumers of Scottish whisky in the world. Surprisingly enough, the alcoholic icon is also used to soothe various conditions and is a general feel-good liquor every lady ought to stock at home.

Did you know: Liquor distilled in Scotland must be named ‘whisky’, while American distillers use ‘whiskey’.

The Dalmore
From the Highlands of Scotland, comes this 18 year old, smooth whisky. The Dalmore Distillery has been creating single malt whisky since 1839, every production exceptional in its own right as they combine local waters and golden barley, left to mature in American white oak bar for 14 years and an additional four years in Spanish sherry butts.

Sullivan’s Cove
Direct from Australia, this whiskey strikes a perfect balance between sweet malt, oak, dark chocolate and butterscotch, and one of the world’s purest sources of wilderness water. It is featured in Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible, which, in the world of whisky means it’s a must-have. The Tasmanian distillery’s French Oak Cask was recently named the world’s best single malt whisky at the prestigious World Whisky Masters – beating the Scottish and Japanese.

Balvenie Whisky
Balvenie is the only distillery in Scotland that still does things the old way; growing its own barley, employing a coppersmith to maintain the stills and ferments the barley based on the historic floor malting technique. Russians have a particular liking and appreciation for whiskies coming from the region of Speyside. This 21 year old vintage Portwood edition exudes a fruity and ripe raisin perfume, with honey and spice notes.

Hudson Baby Bourbon Whiskey
This is the first time since Prohibition that a legally distilled whisky comes from New York. Made from 100% New York corn and aged in American Oak barrels, and served in hand-waxed and numbered bottles, this single grain, bourbon whiskey is ‘Made in the USA’, all the way. The unique aging process at Tuthilltown Distillery produces this mildly sweet and smooth composition with hints of wood, spice and caramel toffee.

Suntory Whisky
The award-wining Yamazaki Distillery produces the #1 single malt whisky, and is available in more than 35 countries. Distilled for 12 years in Mizunara – Japanese oak – Suntory features a palate of coconut, cranberry and butter with aromas of grapefruit clove, candied orange and sweet ginger. The result, a perfectly long, fruity finish and air of Mizunara.

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