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Remember the song “So how can you tell me, you’re lonely, and say for you the sun don’t shine…” Well, even if the sun doesn’t shine you can break the loneliness in a visit to one – or all – of these bookshops in London town. You never who you’ll meet along the way and even if you don’t, you’ll never be lonely in the presence of a good book.

Daunt Books
Right on lovely the Marylebone High Street is this beautiful shop, stocked with travel and literary works, set in a classic English library. You can spend hours in here without realizing as you drift from one room to the door, through one corridor and down an old staircase.

This independent bookshop just off Sloane Square is dedicated to travel writers and literature works from around the world. They also host a variety of events such as book launches, signings and discussions.  They’ll even ship upon request, accompanied by a cup of coffee and a chat.

Belgravia Books
One of the most coveted neighborhoods in London, Belgravia is at once residential and so close to everywhere you want to be when you’re in this big city. This bookshop is also close to London Victoria, great for picking up indie presses and interesting translated works for your journey.

Chappell of Bond Street
Inside this beautiful building on Bond Street is the historic shop, Chappell. If Mozart and Beethoven could come back to life and live anywhere, there’s a chance they’d find residence here. Chappell is home to thousands of musical scores and sheet music. Don’t miss a browse among the beautiful baby grands.

Books for Cooks
Cuisine aficionados and chefs will love this famous cookbook shop in Notting ill. Inside are thousands of scrumptious recipes with a comfortable sofa to plop down and work up appetite. If that happens, the on-site café will make sure you’re taken care of – they will cook the recipes straight off the bookshelves. Cooking classes take place upstairs.

Arthur Probsthain
In this little shop, situated opposite The British Musuem, Mr. Arthur Probsthain set up his own bookstore to house Oriental and African literature. Established in 1903, Mr. Probsthain has achieved a title of his own; he is one of the leading booksellers in the world in this genre.

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