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There is always a journey before the journey and that is packing. It can take one hour, two days, or worse, forever. Whether you’re going away for two days or one week, here are packing tips to have you traveling like a pro.

Step 1: Roll with it
Meet ‘bundle wrap’ intelligence. Tightly roll up the trousers, 2-3 pairs should be enough.  Arrange the shirts so the sleeves are folded behind and in full length, then roll individually. Tank tops and t-shirts can be placed on top of the other and then rolled into one collective tube. Roll up a maxi dress or two; small sundresses can be folded in half.

Step 2: Shoes on the edge
Place shoes around the edges, three pairs in total. One pair of heels, one pair of flats and something comfortable for moments in between (sports). Try using individual, plastic shoe bags or single-use shower caps.

Step 3: Jackets go flat on top
Fold your blazers and jacket on top of everything, preferably in a packing folder, to keep those items from getting wrinkled.

Step 4: Mini Makeup
Small-sized plastic cases and bottles are a smart investment and go a long way. If you must have your shampoo and conditioner, place them each into a small plastic container, and use the same tubes for makeup remover, facial cleanser and any oils you may need. It’s a real space saver and will keep things in order. Take advantage of the mini mascara, lip gloss trios and blush case editions.

Step 5: Ziplock it
Protect your clothes from any liquids by placing the mini travel tubes in a plastic zip lock. This way, you’ll also make sure nothing spills.

Step 6: Delicates
Use a small packing cube to place lingerie separately.

Step 7: Jewelry
A smart tip: use the brand of your watch or those extra buttons to secure your earrings. Just place them front to back and secure with the closure.

Step 8: Wrap it up
You never know what the weather with bring. Top it off with a classic pashmina – it’ll go a long way and always adds a touch of sophistication, and warmth, on-the-go.

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