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Summer isn’t the only season for smooth sailing, sunsets and adventure. Come winter, millions head to the slopes while in-the-knows head to islands like St. Barth’s. Pack your bags and adventurous spirit and sail for the seas that eagerly wait to show you its hidden treasures and less-traveled routes.

Some of the most beautiful sailing in Greece can actually be experienced in December, the country’s short summer season.  You’ll enjoy the queue-free entrance to many ancient sites where you can explore Greece’s history and experience wildlife at the natural parks. Not to mention incredible sunsets with a good bottle of wine. Come evening, the seaside ports will lead you to some of the best, family-run ‘tavernas’ that are inaccessible or packed during the summer.

Trinidad & Tobago
Whether you’re looking for a private yacht or day-trips on a catamaran, you’ll love the turquoise waters at your feet, smiling locals, delicious cuisine , and the splendid Caribbean sun. Trinidad and Tobago have become popular sailing and yachting spots for vacationers in recent years and yet, it’s somehow still well off the tourist radar.  That means smooth sailing with access to great diving and some of the best snorkeling experiences in the Caribbean.

While the Northern Hemisphere is ploughing through the snow, down in Patagonia, summer solstice is at its peak. The land of fire, ‘Tierra del Fuego’, borders Chile’s Punta Arenas with the Strait of Magellan, and is one memorable destination for photographers and nature lovers. Your sails will cross roads with whales on their journey to Antarctica, wild seabirds slicing the winds, and unique flora and fauna in bloom. The view above opens to southern skies and the snow-capped mountains of Patagonia as you cruise to Ushuaia, known as the only town located virtually at the end of the world.

Breathtaking landscapes, cultural traditions, serene seascapes. Adventures on and off land include private excursions with experts, fishing, snorkeling and surfing. And of course, Indonesian dishes alongside refreshing white wine. This is Bali. Sail around neighboring lands like Ceningan Island for an overnight cruise with friends or visit Mataram Island and explore Lombok’s ancient arts and traditions up close.

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