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Whether you’re a runner, a mother, a professional on-the-road – or all three – your livelihoods and journeys are always changing and so do your needs.  Thankfully there are some great minds thinking of ways to make daily life easier, more flexible and accommodating. And most of all, efficient.

Nest Learning Thermostat
The Nest is a great way to monitor your home ecosystem while you’re out, allowing you to control the heating settings in any room in your room using your smartphone. This is a great way to save energy at home with a budget and eco-friendly concept in mind. There’s also a humidity sensor to connect your family’s humidifier.

Kolibree Smart Toothbrush
Said to be the world’s first ‘connected’ toothbrush, Kolibree offers users with input on their brushing habits, perfect for dental-health conscious users and families. The device uses Bluetooth connection and an app to rate the effectiveness of each brushing and even provides stats on brushing quality and habits. Kids might enjoy this the most, with badges and awards to encourage progress.

Lumo Lift
The hours spent sitting behind a desk and even the simple act of sending a text, all take a toll on our posture.  The Lumo Lift warns us of bad posture. The magnetic gadget is work discreetly and can be work underneath clothes. When Lumo Lift sense the slightest slouch, it will vibrate and remind us to straighten up and improve posture in the long run.

The Om/One Speakers
This smart speaker is a real game changer in music entertainment. The sci-fi gadget floats in mid-air above a magnetic base while in operation, and spins ‘on air’.  The speakers operate via Bluetooth, outsmarting other hi-tech systems and with 15 hours of battery life, this genius should be enough for any party. Om/One will also levitate while listening to the radio or talking on the phone.

The OlloClip
Upgrade your outdoor photography with these great clip-on lens, suitable for Samsung Galaxy and iPhone smartphones. The 4-in-1 lenses let you take photos in a whole new way, swapping between fisheye, wide angles as well as circular polarizing filters that are great for quality close-ups. You might just forget you’re actually using your phone.

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